You’re walking out of another therapist’s office feeling like you just wasted your time and money.

Again. They were nice and all, but they didn’t understand what chronic illness is all about.

They just didn’t get it.

You’ve been waiting for someone to understand what the impact of chronic illness really means to you, your family, your life. There are so many people in your world that don’t understand, at least your therapist should!

IBDSF Certified Therapists Understand.

They have been trained and certified by Dr. Marci Reiss, a pioneer in bringing mental health and psychosocial support into the medical treatment setting.

Dr. Reiss and therapists she has trained and certified have helped countless patients like you and families like yours – who are battling with the impact of chronic pain and illness each day and feel as though they don’t have a way forward.

Dr. Reiss has trained and certified therapists so that they could be placed at the Mayo Clinic, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, at University of Maryland Baltimore, at University of California San Diego, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, among others leading institutions – because therapist with Dr. Reiss’s training can really make a difference.

IBDSF Certified therapists are now available online for you.

CALL TODAY to find someone who can really help you reclaim your life.

Dr. Reiss provides different levels of training for different medical and mental health providers based on their needs and types of interactions with patients. IBDSF Certified’s mission is to increase your sense of proficiency and ability to quickly and effectively address the needs of chronic pain and illness patients.



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